BlueTech has developed world leading technology in land based recirculating aquaculture.  The BlueTech system has been developed over 25 years and offers superior water quality and control of the culturing environment.

The result is an optimal aquatic environment in all respects so that fish stay healthy, reach market size sooner, and are of excellent appearance and flesh quality.



Mission Statement

To advance the supply of sustainable seafood through the development and establishment of environmentally responsible aquaculture facilities.

BlueTech systems aim to replicate the natural environment of the ocean, which is constant and in balance. By avoiding the fluctuations in water quality commonly associated with all other forms of aquaculture, your fish perform to the best of their natural ability.

Our focus on technology is in the pursuit of quality, responsibility and success. We also believe that land based aquaculture is the least intrusive solution to the depletion of wild fish stocks globally.


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