The BlueTech system has been developed to produce products of excellent quality in land based systems that are both economically and environmentally sustainable.

The characteristics of a BlueTech recirculation facility that foster environmental sustainability include;

  • Requiring  little or no new water,
  • Water discharged is ‘cleaner’ than the receiving body of water,
  • No antibiotics are used/required,
  • No possibility of escaped fish,
  • Utilization of wastes for beneficial agricultural uses.

Spectacular Water Quality and Clarity

At BlueTech we know the key to growing excellent seafood is excellent water.  We are really proud of our water! BueTech fish are in excellent condition and this is largely because they live in an optimal environment. Not only is the water clear, but our state-of-the-art control systems make sure it mimics the fish’s preferred conditions in every way we know.

Farming sustainably does not mean compromising on quality.


Waste Management

Our technology and farm designs allow for;

  • The collection of all the organic effluent from the farm,
  • All farm wastes can be stored on land,
  • Organic materials to eventually be used as an agricultural fertilizer.


BlueTech farms have no impact on their local marine environment.

A Disease Free Environment

Why do fish develop diseases? Infections come into a farm either from the sea or when fish are imported from another farm.  A BlueTech system guards against both of these threats.

Water – Any water we bring onto the farm from the sea is first sterilized using ozone.  This produces a barrier between the farm and this natural reservoir of disease.

Fry – Before fish are allowed on the farm they should be tested exhaustively for infection. When fish enter a BlueTech farm they are grown in a nursery area biologically isolated from the main grow out areas.  This ensures fish can be further tested and are disease free before being transferred to the main growing tanks.

The result of this; BlueTech farms are disease-free farms.

There is no risk to local wild stocks from our farms.


No Chemicals

Because BlueTech farms are disease-free our fish do not need treatment with drugs.

BlueTech fish are drug and chemical free.

Responsible, Efficient Use of Resources

Rearing fish in optimal conditions results in the frugal use of valuable resources. For example, and perhaps most importantly, fish in a BlueTech system convert their food very efficiently. Possibly more efficiently than ever before.  BlueTech system designs optimize water and materials flow while minimizing power and labour inputs.

BlueTech is currently involved with conducting research and development into the production of basic marine feed materials on land. We will be announcing more details of this program in the months to come.

BlueTech is always looking to the future and towards improvement.